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One way closer

What a beautiful sunset *-*

So won went running to another game , she suddenly fell and hurt her feet . she started screaming and crying till you two heard her , kai quickly carried her and brought her to the nurse.

After coming back to the hotel ,you didn't find your parents neither kai's .So you decided to go out and buy some lollipops for Sowon to make her stop crying.

After 30 minutes of wondering in the streets of Thailand ,you three came back home and found ur parents coming too ,holding dozens of shopping bags. When Sowon's mom , saw her she threw her shopping bags and came running .

"Mom: Sowon what's wrong with your leg?
Sowon: ah! kwenchana :look momy I have orange lollipop "

The mom was so sensitive her eyes got wet ,she was about to cry .
Meanwhile your parents started blaming you ,for not being responsible ,and not be able to protect Sowon from a little scratch . When you heard them saying that, you couldn't help , you were about to cry and a tear dropped slowly down on your cheek , and coincidentally kai saw it , he took all the blame for something no one did , he didn't want to see you crying.

"Kai: I'm sorry Sowon , I didn't mean to push you .
Sowon: but you didn't ....."

He covered her mouth with his hand , came closer and whispered :"do you want me to take your lollipop? I love orange lollipops , If you want to keep it , just pretend that I pushed you ." She quickly nodded .

"Kai"s mom: you always cause problems !! I thought that you're responsible,she's hurt now because of you !!!
kai: I didn't mean to push her , sorry ." he coldly said
"Sowon: It's okey he didn't mean it ^^" sowon said and kept calm ,so all of you does , then she spoke and broke the silence .
"sowon:I want to eat I'm hungry , then let's go to the beach
You: yeh let's go I'm hungry too"

All of you went to a snack brought sandwich and fast food then walked together to the private beach of the hotel.

When you arrived to the beach , your and kai's parents were walking in front of you,while you and kai walking slowly , kai was trying to walk in slow motion ,you noticed it and knew that he wanted to get distance longer between you and parents. You smiled by that , kai's mom turned and ordered Sowon to with you two because they will go to do some stuff. The cuttie sowon was running toward you , as kai grabbed her hand , it was so cute . *he's mean to girls ,but with his sister he's like an angel * you thought while looking at them smiling.

Kai went closer to the water, as you and Sowon followed him , he turned back and threw water on you , as you shouted laughing .
"you: Yah!! kai kkk stop "
He smirked ,as you threw water back on him, you two poring water on each other , and laughing mess , Sowon was standing , looking at you she seemed happy.

Kai tried to stop you throwing water , he grabbed your wrist tight , and rolled down his hand to grab yours ,he pulled you while running , "oppa , let's seat I'm tired " sowon said as kai grabbed her hand to , he was in the middle , running .

"you: yahh kai !! slowly!!"

You three were running to a big bench , and seated there . You tried to catch your breath
"you: Jongin!! I said slowly , my hand hurts now
kai; sorry , I just wanted to set here quickly
you: you awful !! (hit his shoulder)
kai: yah!! stop hitting me !!
you : it hurts right?
kai: whatever .....
you : I'm SORRY ._.
kai: what? why?
you: They blamed you , because of me ....
kai: If they think that I'm the one who hurt Sowon , I think it would be normal ,, she's my dongsae , but if it's you It would be weird , Yeh!! You should be sorry XD now my parents think I'm irresponsible.
you: Jongin.. ur so mean , you don't deserve my apologize "
kai smiled by hearing you , while watching the waves moves in the sea .
You turned and saw Sowon laying on your lap , she was sleeping , you looked at her angelic milky face and caressed her soft hair , smiling.
You were sleepy , tired and wanted to rest , bowed your head and trying to sleep.


While I was bursed in the sunset .I didn't notice what I'm saying.

"Hmmmmm.... ehh .... Kr .. Krystal ,I actually had fun today .... you..you were ...really beautiful ...and I would like to see you more ...and stay by my side ... I want to get to know more ...so that we can be close ...I actually think that I started Li____"

I couldn't finish my sentence because something fell in my shoulder , I slightly turned my head and I saw Krystal 's Charming sleepy Big face , I widely opened my eyes in shock, my heart beating faster that a car engineer running freely in a highway, I felt like my heart would dig my body and fly to the sea , So I put my hand and grabbed my chest tightly in order to stop my heart from running away . I kept thinking if being together and due to the charming sunset I fell asleep and put my head on the top of hers , and went to my dream land.


I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I'm late I know , it's just because I'm busy with studies and exams *^* T^T as an apologize XDDD i show you kai *^*

done TTTTT he's fab omg ;;;;


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T