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One way closer

D big day

The first day at school it was 6 am when you heard the alarm's sound ,you got up took a quick shower, brushed you're teeth , put on you're clothes and went down to greet your parents
-Dad :"Good morning my beauty , did you sleep well?"
-Mom : "Here , eat you're breakfast , go to school , and make friends " (smiling)
-You:"No thanks" (acting disgusted )
-Dad: "what's wrong?"
-You:"Nothing, Mom the pancakes are amazing !! "

The school wasn't that far, you could just walk 15min . you noticed that your new school is bigger that the old one , you really liked it :)

-Teacher:" Class! Silent please ! this is you're new classmate she's a transfer student , feel free to introduce you're self" (smiling to you)
you introduced you're self , while noticing a handsome guy sitting at the bottom of the class who wasn't interested and doing some stuff at his phone.
-Teacher:"jong in !! I told you many times that phones are forbidden !! so get uot of my class ! Is that how you welcome you're classmate?" (seemed so angry yelling at kai)
You were standing next to the teacher while he was about to go out , He was making a cold look , you heard him saying "Stupid"
You thought * Maybe he's good looking but I think he's so arrogant , and I don't like that kind of boys * then you sit at kai's seat

At the break time , you took a book from your bag-back and went to seat on a bench alone . While you were reading silently , you felt someone sitting next to you ,you turned
-Amber:" Hi my name is amber , I'm your classmate , I hope we can get well together Krystal^^"
-You:" anyeong , I'm Krystal 17 years old what about you?"

And you kept talking about some random stuff . You thought *She's nice , it's the first time that someone ask me to be his friend , even thought she have a boyish style she's sweet *
-Amber :" I think I should introduce you to my close friends" She took you're hand
-You:" yes why not It would be nice "

-Amber:" Kyungsoo hyung , say hi "
-Kyungsoo : "who is she?"ou
-Amber:" She's my new friend Krystal"
-Kyungsoo: "Oh!! the transfer student :D i'm Kyungsoo you can call me D.O and this is Jong in you can call him Kai"
Kai was being cold so DO kicked him with his feet
-Kai:"hi" (being cold)
-Kyungsoo:" I'm sorry for this behaviour he's kind of.... "
-Girls:"KAI OPPPPPPPPAAA!!!!!! "

He couldn't finish his words , some kind of fans of Kai came and started acting cute wanting pictures with him, you were disgusted of this view , you left and continued you're talk with Amber



Hiii !!! this is my first chapter hope you liked it , there is two author for this story :3


Unnie, jebal update!

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Unni, jebal update more. I want to know what happens!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

When will you update?? T^T

Please UPDATE!! T^T