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Our Ondal Wedding - Comments, page 3


omo kamsahmida!!! I saw you little profile pic and was screaming "Sunako Nakahara!!!!"

Lol, it was fantastic! Thank you for the chapter! ^__^

Lol, it was fantastic! Thank you for the chapter! ^__^


What goose? Where O.o


Don't see why not! ^^

We have silly goose.

Hey guys can you vote and subscribe for my story it's about a magical world that you will find ..m it's fantasy

Woot Woot! So happy you love it! I think this calls for another chapter!! :D

I can't get enough of this! It's so amazing. O///O
Keep up the awesome work!


No Problem! Ill update as soon as my creativeness takes shape. Hahaha and YEAH! OF COURSE ILL READ YOURS!

Cm on !!!updatr and plz read my stori

Can't wait to see what happens. I would love more dialogue between the couple. Keep it up!


Don't worry, I will soon! But to give you a hint in the next chapter, LuHan makes a appearance!!

Please update ^_^


No problem! ^^

Haha! That was great! Glad Kai isn't such a bay guy after all. You should let them come together soon, then have them work together to fight external obstacles such as fans, family, jealous idols and the press. Either way, I loved it!


Thanks for the suggestion! AND dont't worry Kai isn't THAT bad. This might also go on the EXO fanfic page. PLEASE GIVE MORE SUGGESTIONS!

LOL! Oh I'm loving this! Keep up the good work but don't make poor Kai inot too horrible of a husband. Also it'd be fun to hear his POV on the whole marriage situation.