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Angie AJ

Angie AJ

Angie AJ

Tsk, tsk. Haven't you learnt yet, child? Stalking ain't good manners.
Oh, well. Now that you're here, I might as well, tell you.

Check out my website here: http://angieannaj.wixsite.com/k-pop-krazy

You are now STALKING Angela, that's me, better known as Angie or Angie AJ.

You are welcome to read my stories, anytime. Give your feedback too, that'll be a lot better and tell me where I can improve. Message me and flood my inbox with your ranting, I don't care, I'll always be here for you.

Well, I think, that's all, folks!


I'm A Girl and in EXO (Sehun x Reader) {The XOXO Series #1}

I'm A Girl and in EXO (Sehun x Reader) {The XOXO Series #1}

PG Romance Comedy Tragedy

With the sudden withdrawal of EXO-M's three important members, SM is on the lookout for fresh, new talent, wanting to level the number from nine, to ten. But if the only appropriate talent fit for EXO that they found was a girl, will the boys accept their decision and open-heartedly welcome their ne


10.0 17 Votes
Cherry On Top (Sehun x Reader) {A Short Story}